Dramatically improve
your grades in college.

  • Still in high school, anxious about college?
  • Not getting the grades you expected in 1st or 2nd year college/university?
  • Needing better marks to graduate?
  • Hoping to apply to a professional degree program?
  • Spotty attendance or uncertain direction?
  • Returning to school after a long absence, lacking confidence?

What college professors say...

Dr. Fromberg demonstrated that he knows what it takes to be successful in school. Mark’s grade in my class was 100%, on a course that had every assessment method you could think of. I wish I had Mark’s study skills decades ago when I was doing my undergrad degree!
Dr. Devin Rubadeau
Professor, Dept of Business Administration, Okanagan College
As a fully tenured professor, I can attest to the techniques promoted in the "Ready-Set-Go! Method©" as being commonly used by my best students. I just wish more would embrace these principles, as it would make my job easier!
Barbara Smith
Professor of English
These principles are absolutely necessary to become a good student--I used some of them myself when I was going to school, but I wish that I had access to this book back then. I might have been a doctor instead!
Mark Sommers
Director of Communications

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