Dr. Mark Fromberg was a mediocre student in high school and college, but found a way to become a good one before it was too late.

In fact, with his successful pursuit of straight A’s in his undergraduate university program, he was eventually accepted to medical school, and then enjoyed a 30-year medical career.

No brain, no gain.  Stay in school!

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P> Mark Fromberg, B.Sc., M.D.

Photo courtesy of Bonne Belle Portraits, Kelowna

Now retired, Dr. P. Mark Fromberg still marvels at how his fortunes changed in his university years as he learned how to become a good student, becoming good enough to be accepted to one of the world’s best medical schools--the University of British Columbia.  How different his life would have been if had been unable to adapt and excel in this challenging learning environment!

Even now, Dr. Fromberg retains an insatiable love of learning, and has even returned to post-secondary education to explore particular areas of study–the arts–he has never taken before, including languages, creative writing, business and communications. And not too surprisingly, he found the academic learning principles that he had applied so well decades ago are still relevant today, even as more education delivery is higher tech and being offered online due to pandemic restrictions.

With more time now, he has now wanted to share this information for anyone who wants to make their life better.

"If you're not progressing, you're regressing; so, keep moving forward."

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